Comedy/Humor/Joke Writing Contests

Essaymama’s Christmas Writing Contest

Christmas is fast approaching and Essaymama is here to treat the most talented writers with great prizes!With what do you associate Christmas? For EssayMama there are Christmas decorations, flashlights, frosty smell of pine needles and of course “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. Christmas gives us inspiration; you just need to add a little motivation and effort! So, (attention!), EssayMama essay writing helper announces Christmas Writing Contest! Yes, exactly. This is a great opportunity for all talented writers to express themselves. Why compete in Essaymama Christmas Writing Contest? Get published. Fame and popularity! 15 best works will be added to the printed “Best EssayMama’s Stories: Christmas Edition” book and published on the best resources for writers. Get cash. $ 330 will be given to each of the top 3 writers. Get discovered. Share your Christmas spirit with the world! Terms and Conditions: Deadline – December 25, 2014. Submit your stories from November 5 till December 25, 2014. One participant can send only one story! Stories will be checked by our team during the period from December 26, 2014 till January 04, 2015. The final results will be announced January 05, 2015. The winners will be published on our site. Also, each winner will receive a personal email alert. Entry Fee $ 0. Just “like” Essaymama Facebook page and share on your own Facebook page the post about Essaymama Writing contest. Link to your shared post on Facebook is the ‘entry fee’ to the competition, so do not forget to add it to your letter! Submit to:  info[at] First prize. Each of the top 3 writers will be awarded with $330. Additional Prizes. 15 best works will be added to the printed “Best EssayMama’s Stories: Christmas Edition” book and published on the best resources for writers. Every winner will get his/her own copy via mail. Christmas dreams come true – you will become popular! Submission Guidelines Type Prose (no min, 4,000 words MAX). Topic Christmas. The story can be written in any style – instructive, funny, sad, for children. The main thing – it must be about Christmas. Language English only Formats .doc, .rtf, .odt, and .docx 100% unique All submissions will be checked via Copyscape. Participation in the contest automatically constitutes your agreement to the Terms and Conditions and the rejection of any claim. Mail title should be [EssayMama Christmas Writing Contest], your name. – See more at:...

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New Call for Cross-Genre Travel Writing!

Here is a little blurb about our journal: This is not so much a journal as a collaborative literary geography of the places we’ve read about, and subsequently visited. We live thousands of lives through the pages of our beloved books, and sometimes we are blessed with the luck of being able to physically visit the spaces occupied by our fictional friends (or foes). This is a place to discover those spaces; and perhaps find a new one or two near you. If you know of a destination or landmark that can be found in a book, or you have a sneaking suspicion of one, please, submit to us your encounter. Give us your thoughts, feelings, even pictures. The strange, funny, sad, and silly are all welcome here. And here is a description of what we are looking for specifically: Any piece published on this site must contain two things: 1. It must contain a physical place. 2. It must contain a specific geographical point from an actual book, author, genre, or period of writing. I am looking for engaging, touching, funny, soulful, sad, silly, enchanting, and interesting pieces about the interactions between the fictional books we love (and the people that wrote them) and the places they wrote about, the places they wrote in, or the places they wished existed which now exist. The only exception to this is literary landmarks that stand on their own such as libraries. Preferably posts would come with pictures, but it is not necessary. Visit our website for details:...

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Round Table’s Joke Writing Competition #2 – “Words to Live By”

ROUND TABLE is hosting anew Joke Writing Contest – Words to Live By. This is a chance for writers to show off your joke writing skills and win a cash prize. This contest will be a bit different in that visitors to our website will be picking the best lines. Three cash prices will be awarded to the lines that get the most points — $125 for 1st place; $75 for 2nd place, and $25 for 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th place lines will each receive a $10 Round Table gift certificate. What we are looking for are lines that are not only funny, but share some kind of wisdom. For example, this Bob Hope line: “If you haven’t any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.” Gene Perret generated a Hint Sheet on Writing a Great Line that may help you write your entries. This is available to you free. Simply request the Hint Sheet by sending an email to us at So give it some thought and start working on your lines. For full details and rules visit: This writing competition is open to everyone, but there is a $5 entry fee (per five jokes). This fee is waived for subscribers of Round Table (an online subscription newsletter for comedy writers and...

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