Freelance Markets

Freelance Op: Write for How Business Mag for Graphic Designers

HOW HOW is the business magazine for graphic designers and a leading source of ideas and creative solutions for the industry. Published bimonthly, it’s about 75 % freelance written. Articles include: detailed information on industry trends; outstanding examples of design / illustration / photography (whether in the form of printed material, identity design, videos, CDROM, Web sites, signage programs, etc.); profiles of noteworthy industry figures, usually in conjunction with a specific project they’ve completed; business tips; new technology; new disciplines for graphic designers; and pressing industry issues. Columns typically run around 1,200 words. Features run 1,500 to 2,000 words. Payment ranges $250-$800. 20 percent kill fee....

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Inc. Op: Freelance Writing for Columbia Kids

COLUMBIA KIDS COLUMBIAKids is a free online magazine that features exciting, interesting, and informative articles and stories based in Pacific Northwest history. Our target readers are children up to age 14 who live in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska, but we also welcome subscribers from all over the world. All articles considered on spec. Features- Length: 800-1,200 words each; $200. Departments 200-800 words each; $50-$500....

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Inc. Op.: Write Freelance for Humpty Dumpty Magazine

HUMPTY DUMPTY MAGAZINE (ages 5-7) FICTION: Short stories 450 words or less. Payment: $70 and up.   NONFICTION: We accept short articles of 300 words or less on science and nature, as well as age-appropriate how-to projects. Payment: $70 and up.   POETRY: We accept poems 4-12 line poems. Please remember the age of your audience. Payment: $35 and up.   RECIPES: We accept simple, healthful recipes of 200 words or less that generally require no cooking and minimal adult help. If possible, include a photo of the recipe with submission. Payment: $40 and up.   CRAFTS: We accept fun crafts of 250 words or less that young children can make with a bit of adult help. Payment: $40 and up. Details:...

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